LONDON is an exhilarating place to live with lots to do. It might seem scary at first, due to its sheer size but it is a very easy place to settle down and make friendships that last a life time. London is a busy place, full of anything you could hope for. Any activity you want can be found here – any social club, sports group, language course, art class… anything! There are loads of free museums and great walks around the city passing by famous landmarks.

For the international student London can allow you to stay in contact with your culture as there are places all around London, where you should be able to pick up food items and meet people from a similar country or background to you. Many communities are flourishing in the UK which allows for interaction with a culture or community that you may never have had contact with and make truly international friendships.

The College is based in HARROW WEALDSTONE in the North West of London. There are excellent transport links, including a very busy train station and a large number of bus links. For students, Harrow is an ideal place to live, work and play. Accommodation is readily available at competitive prices in comparison to central London.

Harrow is an area with a diverse multicultural community catering for major religions and cultures. This is reflected in the restaurants, eateries, general shops, grocery stores and places of worship. It has a covered shopping centre, ample parking and a busy high street. An excellent area for recreational activities, with a number of parks, cultural clubs, sports clubs and many well equipped gyms. It is an outstanding area for cuisines from around the world, catering for Oriental, Indian and Mexican to name a few, along with many popular fast food places and takeaways.

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