Mission Statement

Vision: To continue progressing to become a model, internationally focused and financially sustainable further educational institution.

Mission: To provide high quality and valuable education to advance the professional aims of our students in the competitive, dynamic and global environment. The primary objective of the College is to provide avenues for higher education.


  • The College dedicates itself to providing programmes of study which best serve the public and to maintaining a spirit of flexibility and adaptability to changing demands.
  • Provide a safe, caring, disciplined and stimulating environment in which each individual is challenged and enriched by learning within a culture of mutual respect.
  • Provide a high quality education so each student achieves the success of which he or she is capable.
  • Actively contribute to all aspects of each student’s life and develop the social and emotional aspects of learning.
  • Support the professional development of staff to fulfil the needs of the individual and the college.